Space resources in Luxembourg

According to,

“Luxembourg provides an efficient legal and regulatory framework with a dedicated space law that ensures stability and guarantees a high level of protection for investors, explorers and miners. The Grand Duchy is the first European country to offer a legal framework on the exploration and use of space resources, ensuring that private operators can be confident about their rights on resources they extract in space.

The first article of this space law provides that space resources are capable of being owned. This approach is not only in accordance with basic principles of French-inspired property law, it is also consistent with international law, in particular the Outer Space Treaty. Celestial bodies themselves are not subject to national appropriation. The Luxembourg law clarifies the status of the resources that can be extracted from those celestial bodies and in space in general.

The Luxembourg law also lays down the regulations for the authorization and the supervision of private space exploration missions, including both exploration and utilization of space resources. Whoever intends to undertake a space resources utilization mission will be required to obtain a prior ministerial agreement, for each specific and determined mission.” 

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