Optimistic Europeans

72% of Luxembourg residents are optimistic for the future of the EU, according to Delano.

The survey found that “that optimism for the future has gained ground in 18 member states, most notably in Cyprus (53%, +10%), Hungary (up 9% to 58%), Greece (+8% to 37%). But it has decreased in France and in Croatia.

“In Luxembourg, the positive perception of the national economy has decreased by 2% to 88% since spring” and “support for the European economic and monetary union has gone down remarkably in Luxembourg (-8% to 77%) since spring 2017.”

“In Luxembourg, people are more concerned about terrorism (40%) than immigration, though the percentage is still very high (37%). 17% of Luxembourg residents are concerned about climate change. At national level, the most important issues that Luxembourg faces are unsurprisingly housing (56%), rising prices/the cost of living (21%) and the education system (20%). In fourth place comes immigration (19%).”



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