Highest Hourly Wage in Europe

Luxembourg employees have highest hourly wages in Europe, according to Luxembourg Times:

“Hourly wages in the Grand Duchy have risen considerably over the last 10 years, from €36.2 in 2008 to €43.8 in 2016, placing Luxembourg at the top of the ranking.

According to the European Union’s statistics office, Denmark (€38.7) and Belgium, (€37.9) offer the second and third best hourly wages for employees across the bloc.


In contrast, employees in a number of countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Lithuania or Latvia are paid under €10 for an hour of work.

According to Eurostat, in 2017 the hourly employee compensation increased in all EU member states, with the EU average standing at €23.1 and €26.9 in the euro area.”


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