Clean City

According to Luxembourg Times, ninety-five percent of Luxembourg City’s population ‘very satisfied’ or ‘rather satisfied’ with city’s cleanliness.

According to a 2015 study by the European Union’s statistics bureau (Eurostat), 95% of Luxembourg City’s population said they were “very satisfied” or “rather satisfied” with the city’s cleanliness.

Among EU capitals, Vienna came in second (90%), Ljubljana third (88%), Riga fourth (81%) and Helsinki fifth (80%).

Eurostat, which published the data on Sunday to mark the beginning of the EU’s Green Week, said the results showed “significant disparities” in satisfaction.

Only 9% of inhabitants in Rome, for example, found their city clean enough, while less than half of the population was satisfied in Bratislava (28%), Sofia (29%), Bucharest (37%), Madrid (38%), Budapest (39%), Athens (41%), Berlin (45%), Brussels (47%) or Paris (49%).

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