Female Scientists

Luxembourg worst in EU on percentage of female scientists. According to Luxembourg Times, “Luxembourg has the lowest percentage of female scientists and engineers in the whole of the European Union (EU), Eurostat has said. According to findings published by the EU statistics office, only one-quarter of people working as scientists or engineers in Luxembourg are …

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HORECA sector

In Luxembourg, there are approximately 20.000 people working in the HORECA (HOtels, REstaurants, CAfés) sector. There are around 2.700 companies employing these people.


Luxembourg ranks 10th (of 64 countries) for its ability to attract and sustain talent, according to an article of Luxemburger Wort and an annual study by the Lausanne-based Institute for Management Development (IMD). “The study of 63 countries put Switzerland first, followed by Denmark and Belgium. The lowest were Venezuela which ranked last, Mongolia and Romania. “The study …

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Women in Work

The proportion of women in work in Luxembourg has increased significantly: from 42.9% in 1983 to 76.5% in 2012. The gab between the figures for women and men (91.6% of men in the 25 to 49 years age bracket are in work) is one of the largest in Europe. Source: