Alcohol Consumption

On average, a Luxembourg resident spends 760€ per year on alcohol, according to the newspaper l’Essentiel and Eurostat. In total, consumers spent 453.7 million on alcohol in 2016. These numbers include the alcohol purchased by foreigners and people living in the bordering countries.

Highest Withdrawals

According to Delano, “the European Central Bank’s report “The use of cash by households in the euro area” found that respondents in Luxembourg withdrew on average €129 from an ATM, well ahead of second placed Germany (€109) and Cyprus (€81). France and Belgium recorded the smallest average cash withdrawals at €29 and €27, respectively”. The …

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Made in Luxembourg

Since the creation of the label “Made in Luxembourg” in 1984, 880 companies have been authorized to label specific products and services of Luxembourgish origin. The full list of all the companies that currently hold the label “Made in Luxembourg” can be found by clicking here.

Michelin Starred Restaurants in Luxembourg

There are 12 Michelin-starred restaurants in Luxembourg. Mosconi is the only one distinguished by two stars. According to the official portal of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, “The prestigious Michelin guide has officially revealed its 2018 ranking. In its Belgium-Luxembourg edition the best restaurants of the two neighbouring countries are listed. In the list of …

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Restaurants Vs Bars

In 2014, for the first time in the history of Luxembourg, there were more restaurants (1.341) than bars (1.143) in the Grand Duchy, according to Paperjam. In comparison, there were: 417 restaurants and 1.641 bars in 1985 and 905 restaurants and 1.401 bars in 2000.

Food Waste

Luxembourg generates, on average, 123 kilos of food waste per person each year, according to Delano and a survey carried out by the research agency TNS Ilres in 2016. “Private households are responsible for 51.4% of this figure with 18.9kg of waste produced per resident per annum.” According to the article by Delano, the TNS …

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Wine drinkers

74% of Luxembourg’s residents are used to drinking wine according to a survey by TNS Ilres of 512 people over 18 years old. 62% like to drink the wine with a good meal. Their favorite wine is French red wine. 26% are ready to pay up to 30€ for a wine.