According to RTL and TNS Ilres, 56% of Luxembourg residents are in favor of the complete legalisation of cannabis (not only for medicinal consumption). 18% are totally in favor while 38% would support the legalisation with certain conditions.

Average water consumption

Average Luxembourg resident uses 202 litres of water per day according to RTL Today. While the per-capita consumption has decreased in recent years, there has been an increase in overall consumption due to the country’s demographic and economic growth, Dieschburg explained. In her answer she revealed that Luxembourg’s daily water consumption currently amounts to 120,000 …

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Vacation in Europe

More than 9 out of 10 people from Luxembourg spend their vacation in Europe according to Luxemburger Wort and STATEC.  The first touristic destination is France (18.1%), followed by Germany (17.9%), Spain (9.4%), Italy (7,6%), Portugal (7%) and Belgium (6.4%).

21% are smokers

21% of Luxembourg’s population are smokers, according to Luxemburger Wort. Other interesting numbers: Only 16% of smokers smoke every day. One of two smokers want to quit smoking. Most smokers are between 25 and 34 years old. 43% smoke between 10 and 20 cigarettes per day.

GDP per capita

In 2016, GDP per capita in the Grand Duchy was nearly 260% higher than the EU average of €29,200, according to Luxembourg Times. “In Luxembourg, the figure for 2016 was €90,700. Even when taking into account purchasing-power variations among EU regions, the Grand Duchy’s GDP per capita of €75,100 was well above the average.”

0.1 % of the richest

0,1 % of the richest people on the planet live in Luxembourg, according to Luxemburger Wort. Oxfam told the Luxemburger Wort that among the richest 1% of the planet, one third lives in Europe. Oxfam also said that 82% of the wealth created worldwide last year belongs to 1% of the population.