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OUNI Luxembourg

OUNI is the first packaging-free organic grocery store in Luxembourg. According to their website: OUNI means “without” in Luxembourgish, and also stands for Organic Unpackaged Natural Ingredients. An environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional supermarkets, OUNI allows customers to do their grocery and household shopping while avoiding packaging waste. Instead, customers can fill and weigh their own …

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147 facts about Luxembourg

Keep reading if you want to get to know some interesting facts, figures and statistics about the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.  Categories include: Demography Geography History Work Consumption Transport Sports Attitude Random Demography Did you know how multicultural and cosmopolitan the Grand Duchy is? Do you know how many languages Luxembourg residents speak, how many …

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Made in Luxembourg

Since the creation of the label “Made in Luxembourg” in 1984, 880 companies have been authorized to label specific products and services of Luxembourgish origin. The full list of all the companies that currently hold the label “Made in Luxembourg” can be found by clicking here.