Beers in Luxembourg

According to the official Portal of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg,

“Next to the three traditional brewing companies in Luxembourg (Bofferding/Battin, Diekirch, Simon), there are a couple of micro-breweries that have emerged in recent years and now form a small market for artisan beers: Clausel, Okult, Den Heischter, Ourdaller, Béierhaascht, etc.

The Luxembourgish brewers are specialists in wheat or lager beers. But in the course of time, they widened their range and introduced specialty beers: fruity, light or without alcohol.

The biggest breweries are in Bascharage (National Brewery — Bofferding, Battin), Diekirch (Diekirch) and Wiltz (Simon). Guided tours are possible by appointment.

In Wiltz, the National Brewery Museum (Musée national d’art brassicole) is housed in the old stables of Wiltz Castle. Guided tours with beer tastings are available on request.

In an effort to promote the art of brewing, beer festivals are organised every year in different parts of the country, mostly during spring and summer time. The popular festival ‘Al Dikkrich’ lasts five days and is celebrated around the Saint-Laurent church in Diekirch, a city in the north of the country. This festival belongs without any doubt to the most important festivals of this kind. Since 2013, the capital of Luxembourg, which was once home to many breweries that have now disappeared, has been celebrating a beer festival each year, which gets more and more popular”.

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