590 667 People

According to STATEC:

On 1st January 2017, 590 667 inhabitants were counted in the country. 47.7% of the population are foreigners. The three most represented communities are Portuguese (16.4% of the total population), followed by French (7.5%) and Italians (3.6%). At the municipal level, the share of foreigners varies between 19.3% (Wahl) and 70.7% (Luxembourg-Ville). Just over half of the residents were born in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (52.3%). On average, Luxembourgers are older than foreigners, respectively + 6.2 years for women and + 3.7 years for men. The population is unequally distributed across the territory. In general, the municipalities in the south of the country are more densely populated than those in the north. The biggest municipality, in term of population, is Luxembourg-Ville and the smallest Saeul.

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