3 languages

85% of Luxembourg residents between 25 and 64 years old speak at least 3 languages.

According to Delano and a new report by STATEC, the national statistics bureau, the report “shows that 9 out of 10 residents speak French, followed by English (71%), German (66%) and Luxembourgish (61%).

Luxembourg nationals speak the most languages (an average of 4.3 languages for a Luxembourg national, against 3.4 for a non-Luxembourg national).

However, people who are Luxembourg nationals but whose parents were born elsewhere top the league, as they often learnt another language at home, which is added to those they learnt at school. 43% of them speak 5 languages, and 19% 6 languages

Four out of 10 people have two maternal languages. The most frequent maternal languages (both as first and second language) are Luxembourgish (48%), followed by French (25.4%), Portuguese (17.3%), German (11.8%), Italian (66%), and English (4.6%).”.


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