Month: January 2018

First nato hymn

A piece written by the conductor of Luxembourg’s military band has been adopted as Nato’s first official hymn, according to Delano. “Captain André Reichling’s ‘Nato Hymn’ was originally composed for the military alliance’s 40th anniversary in 1989 and has been performed at several official events, according to a Nato announcement. But it was selected as …

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0.1 % of the richest

0,1 % of the richest people on the planet live in Luxembourg, according to Luxemburger Wort. Oxfam told the Luxemburger Wort that among the richest 1% of the planet, one third lives in Europe. Oxfam also said that 82% of the wealth created worldwide last year belongs to 1% of the population.

Luxembourg Star Wars

A resident submitted a petition to Luxembourg government for the construction of a Death Star. The fictitious space station, which features in Star Wars films, is 160 km in diameter with 357 internal levels, according to Luxembourg Times.

150 driving licences withdrawn

In Luxembourg, 150 driving licences were withdrawn per month in 2017, according to Luxemburger Wort. In roughly 90 percent of the cases, the reason for withdrawing the licence is drinking alcohol and driving. In the rest of cases, it is mostly because of excessive speed.    

Immigration: more French than Portuguese

For the first time since the 1960s, there are fewer Portuguese than French people arriving in Luxembourg. According to Delano, “Around 3,900 French, compared to 2,400 Portuguese nationals came to live in Luxembourg in 2017, said foreign affairs minister Jean Asselborn and minister for integration Corinne Cahen at a press conference on Tuesday 16 January. The Portuguese …

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