Month: December 2017

Etienne Schneider

Luxembourg’s deputy prime minister Etienne Schneider is on Politico’s list of 28 people who will shape Europe in 2018. Schneider is featured for his efforts to “turn tiny Luxembourg into an outer space powerhouse. As the grand duchy’s deputy prime minister and economy minister, he has worked to establish the country as a leader in …

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Digital Skills

86.1% of individuals in Luxembourg have basic or above basic digital skills. Luxembourg has the first spot in Europe in that category according to the Digital Scoreboard of the European Commission.

Georges Christen

Luxembourg strongman Georges Christen holds 23 Guinness Book World Records in feats of strength, such as bending nails, towing trains, planes and ships with his teeth or tearing up phonebooks. Source:

Alcohol Consumption

On average, a Luxembourg resident spends 760€ per year on alcohol, according to the newspaper l’Essentiel and Eurostat. In total, consumers spent 453.7 million on alcohol in 2016. These numbers include the alcohol purchased by foreigners and people living in the bordering countries.

Birth rate

In Luxembourg, there were 1.4 births per woman in 2016, according to RTL and STATEC. This is less than the EU average of 1.58. France has the highest birth rate in the EU with nearly two children (1.96) per woman.