Month: October 2017


In Luxembourg, 25% still think that Religion plays an important role. This number comes from a survey by RTL and TNS Ilres. The whole results of the survey  Sondage Trennung vu Kierch a Staat can be found by clicking this link.


Girsterklaus is a village in the east of Luxembourg with a church, cemetery, café, and a postbox for only 11 inhabitants. According to Luxemburger Wort, “One thing is for sure, those that love nature and tranquillity will fit right at home in the little village of Girsterklaus, near the German border. As you approach the …

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Life and death

In 2016, there were 6050 births and 3967 deaths in Luxembourg. This numbers haven’t evolved much from 2000 when there were 5723 births and 3749 deaths. In Luxembourg, the population increases mostly due to immigration.

6000 iPads

6000 students will get an iPad by the state in the coming school year. In the 2018 budget of Luxembourg’s government, it is planned to spend 2.2 Million Euros on these tablets. This year, already 1000 students are using the iPads at school and at home. With this new acquisition, 7% of Luxembourg’s students will …

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3 languages

85% of Luxembourg residents between 25 and 64 years old speak at least 3 languages. According to Delano and a new report by STATEC, the national statistics bureau, the report “shows that 9 out of 10 residents speak French, followed by English (71%), German (66%) and Luxembourgish (61%). Luxembourg nationals speak the most languages (an average …

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